St. Mary Nativity Athletic Program

The St. Mary Nativity Athletic Program is lead by an athletic director who oversees all extra-curricular athletic activities. Activities available to girls include volleyball, coed volleyball, basketball, and cheer leading. Boy’s activities include flag football, basketball, cross country and coed volleyball.

Transportation to/from practices and games is the sole responsibility of the parents.  Please ensure that your student athlete is picked up promptly at the end of each practice/game.

Unacceptable behavior at school functions (home or away) reportable to school administration shall be cause for athletic ineligibility for a period to be determined by the Principal on a case-by-case basis.

All athletes in Grades 5-8 must show proof of an annual sport physical. 5th grade physicals as well as sports physicals are a state requirement. The diocese requires an annual physical of all athletes in grades 5-8. Physicals are also required for 4th grade instructional programs or intramural. Students may not participate in practices or games without having a yearly physical.

This information is required by law on the first day of school, with an extension time of October 1st for students who begin school on the first day. Any student entering school after the first day will be allowed 30 days from their entrance date to comply with the requirement.

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